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Home Whitening Treatment Tips: How to Manage Sensitivity Before Bleaching

10 June

If you have sensitive teeth and want to use a DIY kit to make your teeth look whiter, you may be worried about how the treatment’s bleaching agents will affect your sensitivity levels. The bleaching agents in whitening treatments can make teeth even more sensitive than they usually are. While this typically passes as the […]

Oral Health | 3 Potential Symptoms Triggering Excruciating Tooth Pain

24 May

Pain in or around a tooth is caused by a reaction of the nerves inside the pulp of your teeth. This pain may be a sharp and throbbing pain temporarily or may occur constantly for a period until you get it checked with professional dentists. Either way, tooth pain can be extremely uncomfortable until the […]

Tips For Hassle-Free Dental Care Management For Your Family

09 May

Observing good dental care and management is important when it comes to maintaining good oral health for you and your family. Below are tips and guidelines you should pay attention to when coming up with a dental care plan for all members of the family. Affordable Dental Payment Plans You will save a lot on […]

Understanding Enamel Damage And How To Prevent It

19 April

The enamel is the covering on your teeth that you see and it covers and protects the layers beneath. Damaged enamel is among the leading causes of teeth complications such as cavities and extreme sensitivity. Below is an outline of the key things causing the damage on your enamel and tips on how to prevent […]

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

31 March

Baby bottle tooth decay can be serious, but many parents aren’t aware of it, or else only become aware of the risks when it is a little too late. This is unfortunate since the condition can cause long term problems for your child, so here’s a quick overview of everything you need to know. What […]

Preparing for a Trip to the Developing World: Dental Tips to Keep in Mind

18 March

If you have persistent dental problems and you are planning an international journey to the developing world, you need to think of your dental health as you are preparing for your journey. Regardless of where you are going, you most likely won’t have access to dental care in the developing world as you do in […]

Why Your Dentist Loves Cheese

25 February

Cheese is often promoted as being one of the best snacks you can eat for your teeth. It doesn’t cause any damage to the teeth and may even help protect them. What is it about cheese that makes it so tooth friendly and how can you best use its protective powers? The Effects of Cheese […]

Why You Should Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

09 February

If you have wisdom teeth, there may come a time when your dentist suggests having them removed. In many cases, this is optional, while in other cases, it is necessary for proper oral health. Wisdom teeth being removed is a little more complex than getting traditional molars extracted, so it is a decision you shouldn’t […]

What You Need To Know About Endodontic Retreatment

22 January

There are various treatment options available when you have a problematic tooth. It is important for you to understand some of the choices you have and how they can impact your dental health in the future. One of the options you have is getting endodontic treatment. This can help you regain your smile and maintain […]

What You Should Know About TMJ

31 December

If you have pain in your jaw joint, along with clicking or popping, you might be suffering from TMJ disorder. The TMJ is the temporomandibular joint, which goes from your skull to your jaw. When you have the TMJ condition, it causes swelling, pain, and various other forms of discomfort. Here are some things to […]