Protecting Our Kids’ Smiles

Your Oral Health: What You Ought to Avoid

26 October

Most people will strive to keep their teeth healthy in an attempt to have an attractive smile. You may believe you are doing the best for your teeth by opting for extensive dental treatments such as whitening treatments, when the reality is you could putting them through undue stress, abrasion, and more. Conversely, you may […]

3 Dental Tips to Follow When Undergoing Chemotherapy

05 October

The prevalence of cancer in Australia is rather disturbing. One in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with some type of cancer by the time that they reach the ripe age of 85. Most cancer patients choose to undergo chemotherapy in hopes of killing off all cancerous cells. Although chemotherapy is highly […]

White Teeth And Your Wedding Day

01 September

How far away is your big day? And how far are you with your plans for what will probably be the biggest day of your life? Not many brides think of booking an appointment with a cosmetic dentist as part of their wedding day preparations. Considering the number of photos that you’ll take on this […]

Four Steps to Finding the Right Cosmetic Dentist

01 September

Cosmetic dentistry is often seen as a luxury and therefore unnecessary for most people. However, these cosmetic procedures have advantages that exceed aesthetics: they can help improve the health and function of your teeth while boosting your confidence and self-esteem. Because of this finding the right cosmetic dentist is critical, and you can find the […]

Five Must-Knows Regarding a Dental Implant

17 August

Dental surgeries are on the rise today. Most people with dental complications have come out to seek solutions and, in most cases, implants have been a good option. A successful implant offers a patient a permanent solution to their dental problems. However, on the other side, most people lack the knowledge on how to go […]

Dental Clinic | 3 Ways To Adjust To Eating When You Have Braces

29 July

The first few days and weeks with braces are usually accompanied with tenderness and soreness because you still need to adjust to them in every part of your life, especially eating. When you get braces, you may find that your jaw doesn’t close properly and you cannot chew like before with your teeth. Adjusting to […]

Visiting the family dentist can be a bonding experience for you and your grandchildren

15 July

Going to the dentist is something that everyone in a family, from the youngest child to the oldest grandparent, needs to do. Take your grandchildren to their regular check up with the family dentist and learn about each other through the experience. Swap stories The experience of going to the dentist has changed since you […]

3 Dental Problems That Should Receive Immediate Attention

28 June

Dentists use your scheduled visits to evaluate your general oral health as well as diagnose potential problems that could escalate in the future. There are also certain procedures that you can make requests for, such as cosmetic dentistry procedures. Sometimes, however, you may have a problem that demands immediate attention so that you need to […]

Home Whitening Treatment Tips: How to Manage Sensitivity Before Bleaching

10 June

If you have sensitive teeth and want to use a DIY kit to make your teeth look whiter, you may be worried about how the treatment’s bleaching agents will affect your sensitivity levels. The bleaching agents in whitening treatments can make teeth even more sensitive than they usually are. While this typically passes as the […]

Oral Health | 3 Potential Symptoms Triggering Excruciating Tooth Pain

24 May

Pain in or around a tooth is caused by a reaction of the nerves inside the pulp of your teeth. This pain may be a sharp and throbbing pain temporarily or may occur constantly for a period until you get it checked with professional dentists. Either way, tooth pain can be extremely uncomfortable until the […]